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Who are all these TRAINERS?

Although training may seem like a glamorous profession to an observer, like any other profession, it has its hidden challenges.
1. Trainers for Malaysia and Singapore.
2. Some Trainers - approved under Malaysia's PSMB requirements.
3. Some Trainers - only available in Singapore only.

Hopefully all like to sow seeds!

Type 1 Ground - Wasted seed.
Type 2 Ground - Wasted effort.
Type 3 Ground - Wasted time and money.
Type 4 Ground - Patience has its rewards!
  • No wasted seed.
  • No wasted effort.
  • No wasted time
  • No wasted money.
  • Reap rewards!
  • Time for harvesting!

Effective 9-August-2011. Good News!

Please note a very special website to help SME / SMI to implement their ISO Projects:
  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 14001
  3. OHSAS 18001
  4. ISO 9001 + ISO 14001
  5. ISO 9001 + OHSAS 18001
  6. ISO 14001 + OHSAS 18001
  7. IMS = ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 + OHSAS 18001
See website:
  • ISO 9001 = ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • ISO 14001 = ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management Systems (EMS)
  • OHSAS 18001 = OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS)

A. Trainers - Approved by Malaysia's PSMB
     Malaysia's PSMB Approved Trainers, 2011

1      Mr SBH - (click here) 5S, ISO 9001, ISO 140001, OHSAS 18000
2      Mr TC    - (click here) Machine Maintenance Software Inventor, Maintenance Training
3      Mr TS    - (click here) ISO/TS 16949 Expert, Quality Tools Training, Trained 25,000 People World‐wide
4      Mr WE   - (click here) Trained Technicians in all types of Machine Pumps, Maintenance, Repairs
5      Mr GO   - (click here) Six Sigma Expert for MNC, Design of Experiment (DOE), Saved Millions in Projects
6      Mr AF     - (click here) Team Building Trainer, Motivation for Supervisors to help them Improve
7      Mr KH    - (click here) Semiconductor Expert, Trains Technicians to become Engineers - 三语的语言训练
8      Mr AW   - (click here) Supplies Safety Products and conducts briefings and trainings, Active National Service Trainer - 三语的语言训练
9.     Mr IK      - (click here) Food Safety ACT (Auditor, Consultant Trainer), HACCP, ISO 22000

SUB-TOTAL A = 9 / 9 PSMB Approved!

B. Trainers - PENDING Approval by Malaysia's PSMB
     Will be announced soon!

Trainer 10:     Mr NIK, Construction Expert
Trainer 11:     Ms TETTY, Education Expert
Trainer 12:     Mr MOSES, TPM Expert..................His 5 MS PowerPoint e‐Books for In‐House training For Sale! (click) - PSMB Approved! (18 Feb)
Trainer 13:     Mr GC, Six Sigma Expert for SME (click) - 三语的语言训练
Trainer 14:     Mr YH, Small Teams Expert (click)
Trainer 15:     Mr SIVA, Rubber Expert, IEC 17025 - PSMB Approved Trainer!
Trainer 16:     Mr LCS, Productivity Expert (click) .........................................................His IDEAS Book For Sale! (click) - PSMB Approved! (18 Feb)
Trainer 17:     Mr JML, OH&S Hands‐On
Trainer 18:     Ms CHAN & Ms TAN, Food Expert (Singapore) - 三语的语言训练 - PSMB Approved! (18 Feb)
Trainer 19:     Mr BT, SQA Expert (Singapore) (click) - PSMB Approved! (18 Feb)
Trainer 20:     Mr VK, Problem‐Solving Expert
Trainer 21:     Dr CTY, Energy, WWTP Plant (click) - PSMB Approved! (18 Feb)
Trainer 22:     Mr LD, TQM, Quality Trainer (click)
Trainer 23:     Mr Peter Chen, Management, Restructuring
Trainer 24:     Mr Adam, Financing (Millions, Billions)
Trainer 25:     Mr THO, OHSAS, Expert Safety Trainer (click) - PSMB Approved Trainer!
Trainer 26:     Training Needs Analysis / Assessment (TNA) - Pending PSMB Approval - (click) to see the website
                         1 Singapore:                              Encik Isa
                         2 Kuching - Sarawak:               Ms Chong
                         3 Penang / Pulau Pinang:       Mr Ang
                         4 Subang Jaya - Selangor:      Mr Ong
                         5 5Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia:  Mr Peter

SUB-TOTAL B = 7 / 22 PSMB Approved!

C. Trainers - Some are not applying as yet to Malaysia's PSMB
     Will try to encourage all to Apply!

Trainer A:      Mr WN, HACCP, ISO 22000, Food Safety (click) - 三语的语言训练
Trainer B:      Mr SK, Quality and Productivity Tools (click) - 三语的语言训练
Trainer C:      Mr YP, Accounting and Finance Trainer (click) - PSMB Approved Trainer!
Trainer D:      Mr JE, Memory Skills
Trainer E:      Mr GK, Expert Sales Trainer
Trainer F:       Ms FA, HALAL Trainer & Expert (click)
Trainer G:      Mr ISO 27001 Trainer
Trainer H:      Mr SA 8000 Trainer
Trainer I:        Mr CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Trainer
Trainer J:       Mr Energy Auditing & Consulting Trainer
Trainer K:      Ms Six Sigma - Singapore Only
Trainer L:      Sales and Marketing
Trainer M:      Motivation and Supervisory Skills
Trainer N:      ISO 13485
Trainer O:      BRC, Organic
Trainer P:      ISO/IEC 17025 (Laboratory MS)
Trainer Q:      Energy Audits     
Trainer S:      Business Strategies
Trainer T:       Public Speaking Skills
Trainer U:      Internet Marketing
Trainer V:       Internet Business
Trainer W:      eBay Business
Trainer X:       Customer Service
Trainer Y:       Image & Personal Grooming
Trainer Z:       Branding and Innovation

SUB-TOTAL C = 1 / 6 PSMB Approved!

GRAND TOTAL = A + B + C = 9 + 7 + 1 = 17 / 37 Approved (as of 18 Feb 2011)

By Catherine Z:

  1. A teacher teaches you what is fish (conceptual knowledge).
  2. A trainer trains you how to fish (technical skills).
  3. A coach motivates you to fish (empowerment).


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Training is a process in order to change human a being's attitude, knowledge, skills and behavior.

1st Batch - Application is now Closed! (18 Feb 2011)

TNA - Training Needs Analysis Consultant Dateline!
Major Recruitment by the Malaysian Government Agency (MGA)!
To take in more TNA Consultants to help Qualified SME!

PENDING 2nd Batch (may be Dec 2011)

Ongoing since 3 March 2011 - Trainers Required! Upskilling and Reskilling Trainers

  • A. Upskilling: The introduction of technology that can perform work more efficiently. So organizations must decide to go for upskilling, in which the skills of the current employees are improved by training. Additional skills are acquired to meet the new skill requirements.
  • B. Reskilling: Reskilling is a bit different; it basically refers to the fact that only those workers are retained by the companies who have some knowledge about how to use the technology. In reskilling, only workers with skills that match the new practices are retained.

Please submit PROPOSAL as per following format below. No Dateline set or mentioned as yet.

1.           (TAJUK KURSUS)
2.           (ULASAN KURSUS)
3.           (KUMPULAN SASARAN)
4.           (KANDUNGAN)
6.           (PENSIJILAN)
7.           (TEMPOH KURSUS)
8.           (YURAN KURSUS)
a)           (Yuran kursus untuk seorang pelatih, bagi latihan umum)
b)           (Yuran kursus untuk sehari latihan, bagi latihan dalaman)

GOOD News! Singapore Trainers Wanted!

3.           TARGET GROUP
4.           CONTENTS
6.           CERTIFICATION (for programmes with certification)
7.           DURATION
8.           COURSE FEE
a)           Course fee per head, if the programme is a public programme; and/or
b)           Course fee per day, if the programme is available to be conducted in-house.

All the information required below has been settled. The Firm is registered.

a)           Name & address of Training Provider    (Nama & alamat Penyedia Latihan)
b)           Training provider registration number    (Nombor pendaftaran penyedia latihan)
c)           Contact Person                                      (Pegawai untuk dihubungi)
d)           Telephone and Fax Number                   (Nombor telefon dan faksimili)
e)           Email address                                        (Alamat email)

(Note: Interested registered providers are required to email the softcopy of their proposals apart from faxing the hardcopy to the Malaysia Government Agency (MGA))

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