Marketing Agents - Part Time / Freelance

Marketing agents for Trainers!
  • Get more clients,
  • Increase sales,
  • Gain competitive advantage.

  • Signed - 3-days of Training in Penang (RM6,000) for April 2011.
  • Signed - 3-days of Training in JB (RM7,500) for April 2011.
  • Verbally Agreed - 2-days of Training in JB (RM4,000) for March 2011.
  • Last Stage of Agreement - 1-day of Training in KL (RM3,000) for March 2011.
  • Verbally Agreed - Training in Miri (RM10,00 to RM20,000).

Job Function

(As a Guide Only) Applicants should ideally have the following skills:-
  • Experience at selling to Human Resource (HR) or Training managers.
  • Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Experience in developing and delivering a range of marketing activities.
  • Key account management experience.

(As a Guide Only)
Overview of Main Responsibilities:
  • Generating sales
  • Deliver sales targets.
  • Develop new income streams
  • Marketing activities
  • Active marketing
  • Promotional material
  • Customer relationship management
  • Regular contact with customer Human Resource and Training managers
  • Maintaining communication channels
  • Market assessment

Earn Commission!

  • People say 5% only - Here you can get up to 30%!
  • RM20,000 Project - Agent have earned RM6,000! (30%)
  • Part Time - do at your own time
  • Freelance - you do at your own pace.
  • A: Auditing - Target 10,0000 ISO Certified Companies
  • C: Consulting - Target 50,000 SME and MNC Companies.
  • T: Training - Target RM400 Millions HRDF Funding (SME. MNC, GLC)

See ISO ACT Opportunities - if want to be an Auditor / Consultant / Trainer:

See ISO ACT Opportunities - if want to be an Auditor / Consultant / Trainer: (click to see website)
  • A: Auditor:        Earn RM500-RM1,000 per day (A USA Firm always pay me USD600 per day).
  • C: Consultant:   Earn RM500-RM1,500 per day (A Singapore Firm always pay me SGD500 per day).
  • T: Trainer:        Earn RM1,000-RM3,000 per day (A Singapore Firm always pay me SGD800 per day).

A Job for Everyone!
  1. Some wants to be a MA:   Marketing Agent.
  2. Some wants to be a PTA: Part Time Agent.
  3. Yet another may want to be or aspire to be an ACT: Auditor, Consultant Trainer.

Join Us Anytime! - Today is the best day! Malaysia & Singapore

Whatever term you use, it is the same:
  • Part Time
  • Freelance
  • Independent
  • Associate
  • Technical Expert
  • Domain Expert
  • Friend
  • NEVER RESIGN - unless becomes an Enemy! See below:
“The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.” Abraham Lincoln (American 16th US President (1861-1865)

    Every Year RM400-500 Millions. Why not just get 1%? 1% is RM4-5 Millions!