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The Case Against ISO 9000

The Case Against ISO 9000! There Is a Better Way To:
  • Improve Efficiency,
  • Satisfy Your Customers,
  • Provide Real Quality,
  • Increase Your Revenue!
- John Seddon

ISO 9000 is an international Standard. It claims to be a standard for quality management but
John Seddon argues it has nothing to do with quality, being based on entirely different theory.
Organizations register to ISO 9000 because they are obliged to - market-place coercion works
on the principle of "you comply or we won't buy", and registration is no guarantee of quality.

In this attack on one of the sacred cows of business today, John Seddon shows how the ISO
standards are not only failing to deliver the improved quality they promise, but in most cases
are actually damaging the companies that have implemented them. In this updated paperback
edition, which includes a critical analysis of the new and much-hyped ISO 9000:2000 version
of the Standard, Seddon maintains his position that managers should say no to ISO 9000.
For those who feel they have to register to ISO, Seddon shows them how to avoid the usual
pitfalls of the Standard. 

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